Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What, I'm not still 25?

It didn't really hit me until I was filling out a survey the other day and clicked the 20-25 year-old age group and then realized that I was over 25. I wasn't just over 25 I was three years older than 25! I am closer to 30 than 20 and I suddenly felt older. Not old, necesarrily, but older.

27 was one of the best years of my life. I think it had a lot to do with it being my golden year (27 on the 27th of November). It started out celebrating Thanksgiving with my bother and sister, getting our first christmas tree, and having our first Christmas at our house. There were a lot of other firsts this year too, my first stay at a B & B, my first professional massage, watching my first official dog show, and running our first half marathon together.

I got to spend time with some wonderful friends, David and Kellie Parry (yurtin' for certain!), Mary-Frances Kenney (talking and crocheting late into the night), Denise Costello (running, walking, getting encouraged), Rod and Jessani Miner (having deep conversations late at night and eating lots of great food!), Brian and Kristi Towne (wedding!) and so many more that I am blessed to have!

I got my dream car and my amazingly cute puppy, Vinnie, and I realized just how lucky I am to have an amazing husband who takes care of me and gives me everything I need and want!

27 was awesome. So, although 28 is one more year closer to 30 I don't feel old, or sad...I feel so excited and thankful that God is giving my one more year to experience life! The ups and downs and everything in between. He is in control of it all and He has blessed me with more than I could ever want. 28, yeah, it's going to be good.

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