Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Storage Wars: Part 2

As you'll recall, I've been going to storage auctions with a friend. I haven't bought anything yet, but today was the closest. Mostly because Jessi came with me since she has Thanksgiving week off. We drove up to a Public Storage facility in South Salem... and it was poring rain! About 30 other people braved the weather too.

I gave Jessi a budget if she found something she liked. One of the things that is surprisingly difficult to do is estimate how much everything is worth in a very short amount of time. We found one that didn't have much stuff, but there were some electronic gadgets, like an Xbox 360. The bids ultimately went higher than we wanted to pay, but it was fun watching the action.

While leaving, Jessi told me she had a lot of fun. It was about what she expected, though with many more people. She did however say, "Auctions are cool, but owning the storage facility would be even better." Great. I envisioned spending a couple hundred dollars and Jessi starts talking about spending a million dollars plus to buy the whole thing.

I personally think the real money is in buying a plot of land and constructing a storage facility. Of course, I would need to get over the fact that I would implicitly be encouraging people to store items instead of simplifying their lives and spending on experiences instead.

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  1. Jessirica7:17 PM

    I had that thought too! That if we owned storage it would be benefiting off of other people's excessive amount of stuff! I think I could get over it pretty quick though.