Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hello Corvallis

Our summer plans were simple:

No travel.
2 outside rental repairs.
3 art classes for Jessi in July.
And a slew of projects at our house: new windows, new outside paint, new insulation and crawlspace access under the house. I had all summer and could spread them out.

Then on a May Friday, I received the following text message:

You always know you're in for a ride when a message starts with "Can I throw a twist in your world?"

We met at 3 and by that night, we made a verbal agreement and signed a purchase offer Saturday morning. There goes the summer plans...

I know it seems fast (it was), but let's back it up a bit.

We started actively looking to buy in Corvallis last October & November. We put in a couple offers, but kept getting out bid. We concluded the timing wasn't right and stopped looking. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, God provides the exact style house with all the features we wanted in the perfect location. Amazing.

We close July 1st and are moving July 2nd so we get a full three day weekend to settle in.

So, that summer window project turned into a June project. It's been intense. All the windows except one (the bathroom) are now replaced and I'm going to start cutting the trim after we paint the inside (yeah, that got added to the list). I plan to hire a couple guys from All Star Labor to help finish up the work so we can get our house rented sooner rather than later. I'll have a card table set up in the house so I can do HP work while managing them. Our goal is to have our house rented out by the end of July.

We're excited to move since one of us drives into Corvallis at least once every. single. day. It'll also mean I'll get to ride my bike more, which I'm really looking forward to.

If you're around next Saturday morning, feel free to help us move. :)

Here are some pictures of our new home: