Monday, November 21, 2011

Septic Tank Sand Party

As you might recall, Jessi and I recently discovered a septic tank not properly abandoned in our backyard. After much effort, Jessi and I successfully filled in the hole and reseeded (the original point of this whole endeavor. I thought I'd share some of the stats we kept track of.

1 Hole

2 Piles
1 sand
1 dirt

14 Yards
10 sand
4 dirt

144 Wheel Barrow Trips
96 sand
48 dirt
96 by James
48 by Jessi (every 3rd trip)
~1/10th of a yard on average

2 Spills
1 by James
1 by Jessi
They both happened in a row, we decided to take a brake...

2,688 Shovel Scoops
20 scoops for a James trip
16 scoops for a Jessi trip
Jessi used a round-point shovel, James used a flat-point shovel. We split scoops.

12,960 Steps
80 round-trip steps from James per load
110 round trip steps from Jessi per load
Plus steps while shoveling, walking around, cleaning, etc

0" of Rain
God blessed us

1 Day
Started at 7:30am
Stopped at 5pm

7 hours
~ 1/2 an hour per Yard
We also raked leafs and trimmed bushes while waiting for the second load of dirt to arrive

0 Remaining Holes

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