Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tamales [CO Christmas]

Tamales are my favorite Mexican dish. If I have a choice, chances are I'll get a tamale over everything else. What can I say? I like the shredded meat and the masa corn shell. For a while I've been asking Jessi if we can make some, but she kept saying she didn't know how. So... When we went to Colorado, Jessi's mom showed us how. Now we too can enjoy this amazing food - homemade. Yum!

The process for making tamales is fairly straight forward. First you roast your meat of choice with a little bit of water and your favorite spices. Then you shred the meat and cook it some more with more spices and a few veggies. At the same time you let some corn husks soak in water until they become supple. Then you buy masa mix (from what I understand you can make this yourself, but it significantly increases the difficulty level) and spread it evenly on each corn husk. Put some meat in the middle and roll it up. Finally, you put them face up in a pot with some water and let them steam cook for a while.

Want to see what the final product looks, and tastes, like? Invite us over.

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