Monday, January 12, 2009

Chistmas Fun [CO Christmas]

Here comes more Colorado Christmas fun!

This Christmas we did two things that were fun. First, we got to decorate an artificial Christmas tree for the second time (the first was was our balloon tree). All the decorations were pretty, but I've always thought it was weird working with a fake tree. Maybe next year we'll pony up and and get a live one.

Then, on Christmas day we got to see Becca, Jessi's sister. Becca is currently in Oaxaca, Mexico learning Spanish so she can help some families down there. Since it wasn't feasible for her to come up and visit for a bit, we turned on Skype and had a video chat. It sure was something for all of us to be talking to her. Jessi even took the liberty of opening some of Becca's presents while she watched. As Jessi's dad put it, "We used to dream of doing these things when we were kids. This was Star Trek magic. And here we are."

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