Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NWHills Young Married Winter Retreat

This last weekend Jessi and I went on a retreat. It was our first as a married couple and a blast! We had a wonderful speaker who gave great advice on improving our marriage. The best sound bite we received was this: "The greatest gift you can give your spouse (or anyone) is a healthy relationship with God." In other words, improving your relationship with your spouse can be as simple (not necessarily easy though) as improving your relationship with God. keeping Him at the center of your relationship will bear wonderful fruit. This is sound advice and something we can definitely focus on and improve upon.

We also played goofy games as a large group, created weird skits, played ultimate Frisbee and played board games late into the night. It sure was fun to get to know the other young married couples of our church better. One of the nice parts of the retreat is to realize how similar we are. Issues that Jessi and I have are very similar to other couples and it was nice to be able to bounce our ideas off one another. One big learning for Jessi is that she needs more girl time.

So, in the next few months we'll be on the hunt for a way for Jessi to plug in and join a girls group. We have no idea what this will ultimately look like and include, but it should be fun getting to expand to different groups.

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