Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hideaway Folk Family [CO Christmas]

Jessi's brother, Matt, loves to play music and has formed a family (and relatives) band called the Hideaway Folk Family. Basically, whoever is around gets together and plays. It's a lot of fun. You can see his MySpace page for more details. While Jessi and I were there they had a gig in Denver, so we got to listen to them practice and then perform. Overall, they all played really well.

Unfortunately, it was really dark where they played, so I don't have a ton of excellent pictures (do I ever?), but here's a smattering pictures from the event. As a bonus, I've embedded Matt's MySpace player so you can listen to the tunes. If I get my hands on some video, I'll share that too.


Warming up

Getting things set up

Abe (Jessi's brother)

Dan (Jessi's dad)

Nick (Jessi's brother)

Matt (Jessi's brother)

Destine (Matt's wife)

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