Thursday, January 01, 2009

A New Year

It has been a big year! Getting married and honeymooning in Paris was definitely the highlight. Going part time at work has been a wonderful change...I can actually have time to pursue some other things in life and not be so grumpy with my new husband :) Getting used to being roommates has been a fun challenge and we are so happy to get to be husband and wife for a long time to come.

Experiences through this year have also shown me how fragile and short life really is. Not in a way that I fear, but in a way that I can't miss any opportunity to tell someone I love them. We have so many plans and goals and it is easy to miss the point of life when we are not getting what we want. God has been relentless in reminding me that he will give us all that we need...and that is enough. To be alive and have the guarantee that I will see God is enough.

I am realizing that physical challenges are so very temporary, just like life in is a gift to be with other people and in this next year I would like to take God's challenge to rely completely on him and to be driven by a love for other people rather than a want to fulfill my own needs.

Thank you for your prayers for James and I in everything we are doing. This year you have been His light to us and a support that we could not go without. To all who are reading we thank you and we love you.


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