Thursday, January 05, 2012

2011 Goals Review

So... 2011... A year with many ups and downs. At the beginning of the year when I shared my goals for 2011, I talked how it will be a year of hard work. In some ways it was, in others much less. Let's dive in.

Consistency, Persistence & Completion
These are the three words Jessi chose as our mantra for the year. Looking back, it was very appropriate because a couple of my goals took MUCH longer than I thought to make it happen, or not in some cases.

1) Connect with HS dudes . A+
I measured success on three things: 1) We find a regular time to meet as a small group. Yep. 2) We all know each other and say "hi" when we see each other. Yep. 3) I had a level 4 conversation with at least 2 dudes. This is harder to measure, but I've definitely had multiple meaningful conversations.
I'm looking forward to continuing my relationship with these dudes the rest of this school year, and beyond.

2) Manage 1 other property . C
Technically I didn't achieve this goal because we are still only managing one property, but it's not from a lack of trying! We finished our class, but haven't taken the test yet because... well... it's complicated... First, filling out, and processing, paperwork takes time. Second, we took the class online, and that simply takes A LOT of time. Third, the school we took the class from contracted out their online class. Then switched systems part way through the year, so they are in the midst of sorting everything out. We've been on the phone with them trying to figure it all out for the last couple of MONTHS!

  • So, class is done... Check
  • Getting to take the test is still being processes... lame
  • We did finish the first round of our operating manual (it's required)... check
  • We started talking with a couple potential clients... waiting for licenses before we can talk seriously
  • I tried to buy another property but it fell through... lame

I'm pretty sure you'll see this goal again since I really want to do this and we're still working towards it.

3) Run a half-marathon . A+!
Jessi and I participated in the Corvallis Half-Marathon and I created an infographic to celebrate. This was actually a little touch and go for a bit because Jessi hurt her ankle in January while playing soccer and couldn't train for a few months. Plus it took place right in the middle of all my traveling - literally the day before I left for India, after being home for less than a week because of another trip. Still, we did it and it was fantastic! We're planning on signing up for the Disney Half-Marathon that takes place on Labor Day. We managed to rope my whole family in too.

4) Earn blue belt in jiu jitsu . A+!
Done. Boom. I tell people all the time, "Don't mess with me. I have a blue belt in jiu jitsu." Clearly I intimidate people now because I haven't been in a single fight since earning it. Though, the high schoolers do jokingly threaten me... Actually, it's when they start impromptu wrestling and they try to egg me on. I simply tell them that, like Bruce Banner, they won't like me when I start "wrestling" because my goal will be to JOKE THEM OUT instead of doing something as pansy as pinning them.

5) Fly in a Fighter Jet . B
As I wrote about, I had to change this goal a bit because flying in a fighter jet is pretty much impossible unless you're in the military thanks to the events on September 11, 2001. So I modified it: Fly a small airplane. At a resume/interview workshop I met someone with access to a plane. I shared my goal and he was able to hook me up. While in the air I was able to take the reins for a bit and actually fly. So A+ for my modified goal.

6) Find 3 customers . F
I've been loathing writing about this goal. Here's what's going on: I read a book by Kim Klaver called If My Product's So Great How Come I Can't Sell It? which talked about getting customers only - not associates. I loved the idea! Unfortunately, Univera doesn't have any materials for only acquiring customers... So I decided to make my own. I read another brilliant book by Bob Burg called Endless Referrals. In one small section he describes a system for attracting people and I decided to try it out.

I wrote a report on how to live healthy. It's really cool and looks like a small professional magazine - I'm really proud of it. Then I created a website which does three things.

  1. First, it promotes the report, which I give away for only your name and email. I've also been saving up money to promote the site using classic advertising.
  2. Second, it acts as a supplement to the report. It will send out 5 emails with follow-up information and downloads to free tools I created (also every professional looking).
  3. Third, it also provides information on each product I sell. This includes a description and a video.
The idea is to create an education tool that genuinely teaches people how to live healthier - and provide tools to take meaningful action. Even if they never buy a product from me, they still find the information valuable. Plus, once they do reach out to me, I know they're serious about their health and the conversation is simply how I can best help them instead of trying to convince them to let me help them.

OK. Clearly a lot of activity, so why the F? I had a whole year and didn't finish the system. I actually have everything done except the emails, but I'm not a natural copy writer and so I procrastinated and worked very slowly. I suppose I could have hired someone but I didn't. I also didn't do any other activities to promote my business to reach this goal.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. Part of me wants to scrap everything. Part of me wants to push through and finish this system to see what happens. I really need to discover my internal barriers on this project and over come them.


So that was my year: 4 I am very happy with and 2 I wish I did better on. In a little bit I'll finalize my goals for 2012 and share those too.

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