Monday, January 09, 2012

2012 Goals: Work Diligently, Wait Patiently

It's time for me to share my goals for 2012. I've got 7 of them, and a mantra to go along with them: "Work diligently, wait patiently". This idea is that there are quite a few things out of my control for some of these goals. But if I work diligently and don't get frustrated, these goals can all be accomplished. I also tried to have a balanced set of goals too. Spiritual, physical, business, & family. I also tried to make each goal SMART:

So, here they are in order of importance:

1. Read all Bible reading plan assignments
I have the Bible app on my iPhone and signed up for the Life Journal reading plan. It's important to be in the Word consistently, and this goal will help motivate me to do it.

2. Manage 1 other property
I told you this one would be back. Here's what needs to happen to accomplish this goal.

  • Pass the RE exam test, which includes more studying
  • Fill out the paperwork and pay the money to become licensed
  • Finish writing the operating manual
  • Register our business/open accounts... more paperwork and money
  • Promote. Promote. Promote!

This is one of the examples were I need to be patient since much of the timing is out of my control.

3. Decide the fate of Univera: Fly or Die
First, I need to finish my education system, a sub-goal. Then I need to promote. My criteria for staying with the Univera business is > 10 new customers by the end of summer. If I can't find that many, I need to move on to something else. Univera is a great company, but it simply may not be the best match for me at this time.

4. Spend less money than last year
We spent too much last year. I already shared our "Great Experiment" and it's findings. Since we only have one large project scheduled (a new fence), we should be able to stay under last year. It should also help to not purchase multiple Jeeps.

5. Run 10 miles in <= 100 minutes
Jessi and I plan on running Disney's half-marathon during Labor Day weekend in September.  I don't want to be sucking wind the whole time, plus I need to get back in running shape. This goal reflects where I would like to be. To help, I'm going to try to walk/run on the treadmill every time I watch Netflix when Jessi isn't around.

6. Transition Bob the Autographer fully online
Remember Bob? It just so happens that while visiting family this Christmas, I got all the original designs from my brother. So the plan, when I have time, is to re-format and upload each design onto, commission somebody funny to write hilarious descriptions for each shirt, and rewrite the website to point to zazzle. Then I'll be able to sell all my printing equipment and free up some space in the garage. Plus that'll give me some cash to pay a comedian and promote the new site. This is cool because it'll take a significant burden off me to print the shirts while still allowing the dream of Bob to live on. There are some new Legos I wouldn't mind getting...

7. Teach Vinnie 3 new skills
This is something I've wanted to do ever since we got him, and setting it as an official goal with help. Here are the 3 commands I want Vinnie to learn:

  1. "Come": about 25% of the time he'll come and zoom right by me. This needs to get up to 95% - especially outside where it's' more like 5% of the time - AND stop in front of me.
  2. "Stay": This only works when he's waiting for food or to go outside. I'd like to be able to generalize this for any situation.
  3. "Lay down": He doesn't do this at all. I'd like him to lay down and stay somewhere. Inside and outside. This will he helpful in all sorts of situations.

So that's it! 7 goals which I'm really excited about. Each one will have a big impact on my life too, which is good. I just need to work diligently and wait patiently for God's timing on these.


  1. Steve Gress1:24 PM

    You should add one more -- Get bus driver's license with Gress! Then we can share the driving to Mexico next year! Good luck with all of these!

  2. jamesfurlo1:57 PM

    That's right! I should add that one. :)