Sunday, January 01, 2012

Christmas With The Furlos

Jessi and I spent the Christmas break in California with my family this year. It was a blast! As is a Furlo tradition, we made sure to jam pack each day with fun events. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The day we arrived I got to help my dad move some construction equipment for work. There's something fun about driving around in big vehicles.
  • The day before Christmas Eve we went tree shopping. Home Depot was giving them away for free!
  • Christmas Eve at my Aunt & Uncle's house - thanks for hosting!
  • Christmas at home, church in the afternoon, dinner at my Aunt's house with a hilarious game of Telestrations. We also opened little fun gifts. Here's Vinnie wearing a crown.
  • Monday was shopping. The girls went early, the guys waited until later. Frustrated with a lack of iPhone 4S cases, we went home and used a Dremel tool to modify an old iPhone 4 case.
  • Tuesday we went up to San Francisco to go ice skating and hang out in the city.
  • Wednesday we went for a hike with my sister and then the girls went shopping for sewing materials and went to a sewing class.
  • Thursday the girls went shopping in Carmel all day. It's a dog friendly city, so everywhere is open to dogs! The guys saw Sherlock Holmes. We ate S'mores later that night around a camp fire in my parent's back yard.
  • Friday I met with a friend for breakfast, built Legos with my cousin, went on a long walk with my brother, visited Arby's to say hello to my old boss and went out to dinner with my family.
  • Saturday we did Jeep trailer research in the morning (for hauling things) and then watched Harry Potter in the afternoon/evening finishing up with a podcast that night.
  • Sunday we drove back home ready to take on the new year. Vinnie slept almost the entire way. And then other times he took matters into his own paws.

See what I mean about filling each day? It can be dizzying if you're not used to it, but I loved it! I'm glad we got to spend so much time with my family and I'm already looking forward to the next time. Now I just need to survive Oregon's winter weather... :)

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  1. Furlodm10:11 AM

    What a wonderful summary of your visit.  Thank you for coming and all your Christmas gifts.  We loved having you.  Mom xoxo