Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 10 Favorite Posts

With the end of the year approaching, a reflective top 10 seems appropriate. I thought about doing the top 10 most visited posts, but that seemed boring. Instead, I present my top 10 favorite posts to write in chronological order. Begin!

  1. Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt Videos!: An awesome test after months of training. Jiu jitsu is still fun and going strong.
  2. Mustache March!: I'm already looking forward to next March.
  3. Corvallis 2011 Half-Marathon Infographic: The race was fun and putting together this infographic was a blast too.
  4. The Newest Furlo: Vinnie: The day our lives changed.
  5. The Secret To Reaching Zero Inbox Email: I like writing these long-form types of posts.
  6. Oh Vinnie... No More Eating Dead Rodents: This story by Jessi is just crazy. The reaction we got from it was hilarious too.
  7. A Super Halloween: I just love how awesome Vinnie looks with his super suit on.
  8. Flying In An Airplane: This was a very fun day, and a goal I reached.
  9. The Proper Use Of The Null Hypothesis When Discussing Transformers: I really enjoyed writing this. It talks about the fundamentals of statistics and implies the basics of how Apologetics works.
  10. Furlo Bros Podcast: A fun new project my brother and I are going on. We're still in the excited/optimistic stage which is always fun.

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