Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fly Trap!

One of the joys pre-doggie door was that we got A LOT of flies in our house from leaving the back door ajar so Vinnie could go out as he pleased. Leaving the door open was great for potty training because he learned quickly that he could just go out when he wanted and didn't have to wait for us to notice he had to go. But like I said, lots of flies got in.

I think James killed at least 50 and I had a menagerie of fruit flies in the kitchen. I saw this blog post about making your own fly trap so I decided what the hay it looks easy enough. I made one last week with a chunk of watermelon and caught about 15 fruit flies. The pictures are of the one for this week with kiwi scraps in the bottom. As you can see there are tons of fruit flies meeting their doom!

The trick was getting the hole small enough for the flies to get in but not get back out. I ended up just putting a piece of tape over most of the hole and that seemed to work. In the blogpost she says to take the jar outside and let the flies go free. I am not so nice. I don't really want them coming back into the house and with a compost container on the shelf next to the sink there are always more fruit flies to replace them. Try it out. It totally works for eliminating pesky fruit flies. I'm not so sure I want to know what kind of bait to use for regular flies...for now the fly swatter will do.

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