Monday, August 22, 2011

Beach Olympics 2011

Last Saturday Jessi and I helped out with Beach Olympics. It is a 30 year annual event for our church's youth group. I could try to explain what it was like, but it wouldn't work. Instead, here are a few pictures of the day. We had 128 students participate at Ona Beach, South of Newport. It was a long day, and an extremely fun day.

Building Bible related sand castles

Playing a game called Bucket Ball. Get it?

More Bucket Ball

Yelling at Students (in a good way)

Digging to China

Green team. This year's champions!

My afternoon nap

Dinner and a message

Arriving at the beach

All the teams

Red Hot Poker. Don't touch the trash can!

Running over the bridge

Steal The Bacon - absolute crazy!

Surf run - grab the noodles and run back

Tennis ball launch

Student testimonies and the green trophy

A very tired Vinnie

Tug 'a War!
Great competition! Great fun!

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