Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Doggie Door

5:15am. Vinnie has to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, Jessi and I went to sleep at 1:00am because we were hanging out with friends. Therefore, we didn't hear him get up and make noise. So, at 5:30am, Vinnie does what any rationale dog would do... take a dump on our carpet. 5:31am. Jessi wakes up to the smell of poop. Apparently my tolerance is a little higher... She gets up and cleans up.

Later that morning, Jessi does some doggie door research on doggie doors. Later that afternoon, we are the proud owners of a new doggie door. The coolest part about the project is that Jessi got to use her new sawsall. Here's a video of her using it for the first time.

Vinnie watching from inside. He was NOT a fan of all the noise. This is the very serious look he kept giving us. Personally, I like his smashed nose.

And the final product. It looks good. Once Vinnie figures out how to use it, that should be the end of early morning surprises.

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