Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Who Kept The Dog Out?!

We didn't stop with just installing a new radio in our Jeep. The next day we cut out a piece of wood to go behind the back seat. You see, we discovered the hard way that Vinnie could get back there when he ate my turkey avocado bacon burger. That happened back in February, and it took until this weekend for us to make something to stop him.

The solution was pretty easy: We cut out a board to go just over the top of the back area. It balances itself on the two sidewalls. We used some left-over wood to make it. First we created a template using cardboard, then cut out the wood, and sanded it. It's not the prettiest thing ever, but that's OK. If it does work particularly well, we might upgrade to a nicer piece of wood.

We'll see, but it should keep Vinnie from getting down there. Now we can put items, like food, down there and it'll be safe.

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