Thursday, May 03, 2012

April In Pictures

April was a fairly boring month in the sense that we didn't travel anywhere, or do anything extra-ordinary. I have been playing with a couple new camera apps though, so in the spirit of taking photos, here's April in pictures.

One night we made a blanket fort.

We didn't go to Paris, but I played around with a new filter. I think it looks cool.

I made bread, and wrote about it.

I checked in on our water back flow prevention valve. It all looks good.

I played some DnD. No dragons were harmed on this night... Unfortunately...

Like everyone else, we enjoyed the small amount of sun. I even got sun burned.

Even Vinnie enjoyed the sun. He dug a couple new holes in our yard to celebrate.

I checked into my 1,000th place on Foursquare & got a 40% discount on a shirt.

I spilled Vinnie's food one day. He didn't seem to care much.

Vinnie likes to spend time looking out our front window.

Jessi likes to spend time looking out our bedroom window.

My wife loves me. I tried really hard to pace myself.

I sent this to Jessi one day while she was at work. Vinnie did great job looking sad and pathetic.

And one more photo of this good lookin' doggy. Now looking more like a mob boss.

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