Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Little DIY Greek Yogurt

I came across a cool little how-to called How to Strain Your Own Greek-Style Yogurt via Lifehacker. I shared it with Jessi and we decided to try it. It's super easy.

First, buy some plain yogurt & some coffee filters if you don't have any around. We have the single cup style coffee filter system.

Second, double up the coffee filter and put in a colander. We used the one made for our coffee filter. Also, put some sort of liquid-catching device for the watery whey to drip into. A bowl, or cup will work just fine.

Third, fill the filters up with yogurt. It'll look like this:

Fourth, cover with a towel and put in the fridge over night.

Fifth, take it out the next morning (or about 8 hours later), and scoop it into another container with a lid. Toss the liquid whey.

Sixth, enjoy your thicker yogurt without the watery whey. Side note: don't drink the whey... It tastes horrible...

Not surprising, you'll lose a lot of volume in the process, but that also means you don't need to eat as much since it's much thicker. Here's a before and after comparison:

Try it out. Add some berries, granola and/or honey for a real treat.

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