Monday, February 20, 2012

Vinnie Verses the Turkey Avocado Bacon Burger

So, Vinnie wasn't feeling great last week. He had an upset stomach and was running outside to go to the bathroom every couple of hours. It wasn't pretty. After doing some online research we decided to give him a little Pepto-bismol and feed him small amounts of bland food (plain yogurt, water and small amounts of raw meat). After a couple days he was feeling much better.

Saturday was the first day he was back on his regular meal.

However, Vinnie had some make-up eating to do. Let me explain...

During church on Sunday we leave Vinnie in the Jeep. He loves it in there and naps in the back seat. Nothing out of the ordinary yet.

After church we went to a Mexico training meeting. However, when we returned this time there were two empty bags in the back seat.

You see, Vinnie managed to squeeze himself behind the back seat and found his doggie bag. Inside his bag was his dinner. Yum.

ALSO inside his bag were about 12 treats. Normally we give him 1 or 2 at a time as a reward for being a good dog. Well... Vinnie must think very highly of himself because he rewarded himself with ALL 12 TREATS!

That's like having 2+ full meals! With no water to wash it all down.

But don't feel bad for him yet.

After our Mexico meeting we had a couple hours before a finance class we're leading. So we went to Ruby Tuesday's since we have a gift card. Nice! Unfortunately, I spent the entire time talking and only ate my fries and took 2 bites of my turkey avocado bacon burger. I put it in a box for eating later (yeah, I bet you know where this is going...)

I put that box, you guessed it, behind the back seat. BUT I put it UNDER my gym bag thinking it would be safe.

Our finance class finishes and we let Vinnie out of the car. His belly is stuffed, which we attribute to his extra large dinner. But strangely, he is licking the ground trying to get something to drink. I grab my water bottle from behind the back seat... not noticing anything out of the ordinary.

Jessi literally pours water into my cupped hands so Vinnie can drink. He drinks all the water from my bottle (minus what falls on the ground). At this point we're laughing and feeling semi-bad for his dire state of thirst.

While driving home and talking about our long day, we decide to stop at Winco to pick up some ice cream as a reward for an awesome day. I decide to put a book behind the back seat to protect it from Vinnie.


The top is completely chewed off, and all that's left is some lettuce, onions and a little tomato. See the above picture.


Eating DOUBLE dinner was bad enough. But NO. Vinnie had to go and eat MY delicious TURKEY AVOCADO BACON BURGER!

And then I hand fed him water because he was thirsty.

What a little stinker!

Well... He WAS feeling better. We'll see how today goes...

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