Friday, February 24, 2012

Don't Want Your School Pestering You For Money? Use Google Voice

I have a Google voice number and I use the service for two very specific tasks. One of which has to do with forwarding numbers so I know who calls while I'm on the phone at work. The other is for something to post online and I give away when I want the option to block someone later. Up until two days ago, I never used the blocking feature.

You see, I kept getting a call from the Salem ,OR area about once a month. My phone would never actually ring though, Google Voice would just randomly send me an email saying I missed a call, but no voice message was left. No big deal. This has been going on for about a year.

Literally TWO days ago, the random email catches me at just the right moment, and I decide to go and block the number in Google Voice. Cool. No more random emails (again, the calls never came through and a message was never left).

Then TODAY. I get a call FROM THE EXACT SAME NUMBER. Wait. What?! This is notable for two reasons:
  1. I thought I blocked it.
  2. My phone is actually ringing (a new Legend of Zelda ringtone btw).
Plus, this time it leaves a message (no, I was not about to pick up a recently blocked number). At this point I'm totally expecting some sort of spammy message.


It's someone I know from Willamette University inviting me to a reception thingy with the new President.

Here's what I think happened:

When I graduated, I put my Google Voice number in the undergraduate alumni database/system. And about once a month, that system calls me to invite me to give money. However, that system freaks out when it comes up against my Google Voice number and hangs up. Cue random email.

Since my wife and I are paying hundreds of dollars each month in school loans... This is a good thing.

Then it just so happened that someone I know called me personally on my cell phone a couple days afterwards. Like many phone systems, her office number showed up as the same number.

Since I actually only want to get calls from people personally contacting me... This is also a good thing.

Thanks Google Voice!


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