Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunriver Mini-Vacation

Thanks to our good friend Lee, we had the opportunity to stay in Sunriver over the weekend. We didn't have any specific plans other than to relax a bunch. Check out the next picture to see what it looked like inside.

It's very much like a cabin inside. Except it has forced air heating and two gas fireplaces, so it was actually warmer than our place. The inside was really nice - the kitchen was huge and I like the open format. The sleeping area was below with plenty of space to sleep 6 people.

On Saturday we went a walk. It was chilly, but sunny. With plenty of pedestrian paths around we easily made our way around Sunriver. I love getting out and walking around for a couple of hours.

We even busted out our iPhones and did a little geocaching. Using an app appropriately named "Geocaching" we could instantly look up geocaches near by. There are a bunch in the area! The picture below is Jessi filling out one of the logs telling people we were there. That was a lot of fun and added a little adventure to our walk.

This was the view from the living room area. A peaceful backdrop. I guess it's part of a golf course, but clearly nobody was playing this time of year.

 Thanks Lee for this amazing present! It was great getting away, watching movies, playing board games, and having deep conversations. The people who rent it live in Corvallis, so if you'd like to stay a weekend, let me know and I'll share their contact information.

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  1. Kim Oxsen3:56 PM

    Furlo's. We are thrilled you enjoyed our vacation home! Your referrals will be much appreciated. Send on to your friends and they  can contact us at Oxsen  541-757-1089
    Thanks so much. Hope to see you back. Kim & Doug Oxsen