Thursday, July 21, 2011

Safari Omnibar

A little background on my browser choices:

My personal computer is a Mac, and I use Safari.
My work computer is Windows, and I use Chrome.

Why not download Chrome on my Mac? I don't have any good reasons other than Safari is pretty good and if I can avoid downloading another app, I will. I also tend to run pretty light on extensions in my browsers. When I add one, I tend to go for minimalist options.

On Chrome, I have 6 extensions: Adblock & 5 buttons which are really just mini-bookmark scripts (like a url shortner, for example).

On Safari, I have 2 extensions: Adblock & Gentle Status Bar (It pops up a little bar at the bottom showing me the url destination my mouse is hovering over - something Chrome does natively).

So, when I choose to download an extension, it has to be something pretty special.

The one feature Chrome has is the Omnibar. It's a single box at the top that allows you to type in urls or do a search (see the picture above for what it looks like). It's smart enough to either send you to the website or do a search on Google - very cool. Safari never had that feature, and it's the one I regularly missed.

Well, today I found a Safari Omnibar extension (thanks Lifehacker) and it works just like the Chrome Omnibar. Very exciting! I just had a share. Now my Safari browsing experience is complete. You can download it on Github. Scroll down to the installation section and click on the installer link.

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