Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Look At All The Vinnies!!

Here's a fun kid story.

I was at a friend's house when one of his kids wanted to see pictures of our dog, Vinnie. He had met him before and wanted to know where he was. So, I pulled out my iPhone and switched it over to the album with all my Vinnie pictures and showed him how to swipe to new photos.

He was having a blast looking at all the photos when he came to this one:

Suddenly he exclaimed in pure joy, "Look at all the Vinnies!!!"

Ha ha. So true, those are lots of Vinnies! It never even occurred to me that if Vinnie was the only dachshund he's seen, and we introduced him as Vinnie, then all dachshunds would be a "Vinnie".

Cute kid. If I were his parents, I would stay away from Dachshund breeders unless they're planning on taking one home.

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