Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Beep Beep... Bought A Jeep

One of the things I like about Jessi is that she has really practical dreams. Some people, like myself, have crazy dreams like wanting to own an airplane and staring up a farm to raise cattle and sheep. Jessi, on the other hand, dreams of things that are actually attainable. Case in point: she wanted a dachshund. That's reasonable. Another dream of hers has been to own a Jeep. Again, reasonable.

Last month, after much planning, we were able to get Jessi's dream dog. I've already shared about Vinnie and his exploits. This month, with considerably less planning, we were able to get Jessi's dream Jeep.

We had been talking about it for a while, but never really had an incentive to pull the trigger. After all, Jessi current car ran really well and was practical. Then one day at work an opportunity presented itself to sell Jessi's car. It was an opportunity to help someone else, and help us achieve our dream. Win-win.

So, we took the plunge and sold Jessi's car. We figured since Jessi had the summer off, we could take our time looking for the perfect Jeep. Of course, Jessi found her perfect Jeep in less than a day and after a quick ride fell in love with it.

So now we're the proud owners of another white vehicle, neither of which is actually a car. This probably isn't the most practical decision we've ever made, but sometimes you need to be a little crazy when it comes to fulfilling dreams.

This is Jessi's "golden year" - she was both on the 27th and she's 27 years old. Normally it's just a golden birthday (again, same day as years), and she extended it the entire year. And it's shaping up to be a great year for Jessi. Fulfilling dreams is a lot of fun - I recommend it.


  1. I had a blue YJ that was the first car I ever bought me. Mine was a 95 and blue. Just cant get better than a jeep.

  2. jamesfurlo2:16 PM

    Thanks! So far we love driving around in it.