Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Turning 30 In Portland

Yes, I use Snapchat. More importantly, did you instantly recognize it from this photo?

I turned 30 recently, but I like to think I'm a kid at heart. For one, I use Snapchat. For two, I was breaking out like a 16 year-old all last week.

Of course, in other ways I feel much older. For example, most of the players in the NFL are younger than me now. That's just weird because they're MEN and I don't see myself that way. I also feel myself desiring to wear suits. What's up with that? Thankfully, I talked myself down from that expensive cliff and settled for wearing my existing nicer clothes more often.

Anyways, Jessi and I had plans to celebrate my birthday, but they've been moved out. So instead, we went to Portland for a kid-like day.

The first thing we did was get doughnuts to fuel the day. Then we listened to Ender's Game on the drive up. Then we went to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). Then we took a looooong walk over a couple bridges. Then we grabbed dinner - cheese burgers. Then we drove home, listening to more Ender's Game. Then we cooked an apple pie Jessi made earlier in the month and made ice cream.

It was actually a fantastic plan-B date.

Here was one of our views during the walk. As you can tell, it was a perfect day.

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