Monday, October 01, 2012

Vinnie Unleashed

Quite literally. Jessi thought Vinnie could handle it. I, in all honesty, didn't think he'd make it 100 feet.

I'm happy to admit I was wrong. The first part of our walk goes along a quiet street, which is perfect for a dog prone to exploring. Thankfully, he never wondered into the street, and came back to us every time we called him.

His normal behavior was to run out about twice as far as the leash would normally allow and then sniff around until we got there. Only once did he eat something super gross. He didn't even wonder that far into other people's yard, which is what I thought he would do constantly.

The nearby school, which is where these pictures are taken, was another place I thought he'd run away at because of all the different smells.


He stayed close by. Yes, he did mark every single tree, and it was nice not having to worry about the leash getting all wrapped up.

We did leash him up when we hit one of the more busy roads though. I see no reason to tempt fate against cars going 35mph.

When we hit the last section of the loop we were back on quiet streets and unleashed him again. Once again, he behaved really well. There was only one garage he bolted for. The owners laughed while he gorged himself on cat food.

It's a shame we tried this at the end of summer, but we'll probably get a couple more good walks in before the weather turns too ugly.

Way to go Vinnie!

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