Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Big 2-9

Never let it be said that Jessi and I don't know how to stay busy. Here's a look back over my last year of life in no particular order. It would be a massive understatement to say God has blessed my life. I truly am thankful for all our friends and experiences.

We got to go to Mexico again. We refinished the roof of this building.

 At Meat Retreat playing Buck-Buck. A fantastically hilarious/dangerous game.

The Furlo Bros Tech Podcast recently celebrated 1 year of being "on the air".

 This picture from Halloween last year is one of my favorites of Vinnie.

Remember this one? Yep. That was just last winter.

 We got to celebrate Abe's graduation last December. That included a trip to Disneyland. I love this picture.

We spent Christmas with my family last year. That's Vinnie with his paper crown and Christmas scarf. It's amazing what he puts up with.

 It also snowed last winter. Driving the Jeep in the snow was a blast.

We also enjoyed a little weekend get-away thanks to our friend Lee. That was a great time of rest and relaxation. We're already planning another fun mini-get-away for next year once our first student loan is paid off (next month!).

Furry February.

Mustache March. I get goose bumps whenever I see this picture of my brother.

I got to travel to New York for work. Looking closely, the lady in the white jacket is taking a picture of me. Awesome.

When I root, I root for the Timbers! Thanks David for letting me tag along to a game.

Jessi and I replaced the radio in our Jeep.

I built a trailer for the Jeep.

I learned the very (very!) basics of electricity. I'm going to try and leverage this success into a another project where I install a light/fan in the living room.

I also learned how to dry wall. We have another upcoming project where this skill will be put to the test.

We went backpacking this summer. It was so beautiful... when we weren't being bitten by mosquitos.

 Ha ha. I've been baldified! When I got it, the app was free. I think it's $0.99 now.

 We built a fence! And it's still standing!

Jessi and I volunteered for the Hood To Coast Relay.

We completed the Disneyland Half Marathon with my family. That was so much fun. I loved this ride. Jessi hated it, and apparently so did the two girls in the front. I think that makes it two trips to Disneyland in less than a year.

 Last month we went camping in a dog-friendly yurt.

 This was our Christmas picture last year.

Beach Olympics once again lived up to it's hype.

And finally, we bought another duplex.

Thanks everyone for the fun year! Here's to another adventure this year!


  1. Wow, it did appear to be an amazing year for you. Love the baldified picture, LOL.

  2. Yeah. It was all pretty fun.