Thursday, March 15, 2012

New York City Visit

I spent the first half of this week in New York City for work, which is probably not a surprise to those of you following me elsewhere. Here's how I spent my time:

I woke up at a ridiculously early time to make a 7am flight in Portland. Which, by the way, was also the first day of daylight savings. My body did not like me. Thankfully, I was able to check in on my phone (no printing!) and sleep half an hour extra. Upon arriving I rode the subway into the city. It costs $7.25 (vs $45 for a taxi), is just as fast as a taxi, and I didn't have to stand in line to wait for a cab.

I really like the old-fashion style homes

That eventing I managed to eat a slice of pizza, see Central Park, Times Square and the 5th Avenue Apple Store.

The view from my hotel room

Times Square at night

Meetings took up most of the day. Still, I managed to eat a delicious New York style bagel for breakfast, take a stroll down Wall Street, see the Charging Bull, and admire the new Freedom Tower.

Freedom Tower

Wall Street

The Charing Bull

More meetings. And oh yeah, I started to get sick. So I only got to go to the top of the Empire State Building. The 102nd floor is a very intimate setting. I was even able to call Jessi & my mom and chat while looking down at the city.

The Chrysler Building is in the middle-ish

Lower Manhattan

Classic New York Style pizza... Dinner for 1...

Runny nose. Sore throat. Occasional cough. Fantastic. I decided to take a walk around Central Park. 4 hours, and 8.5 miles later I finished. That park is deceptively huge! Still, it was a great opportunity it relax,  enjoy the sun, and people watch. The weather was absolutely perfect too!

A seriously beautiful day

Not a single cloud in the sky

That afternoon I headed home. While riding the subway, a couple guys put on a performance for part of the ride. I tried to covertly capture some video of it.

It was a fun, whirl-wind trip and I would like to go again with Jessi. Maybe we'll be able to take a summer trip sometime in the near future.

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