Thursday, September 22, 2011

Put Cash In Your Car's Glove Box... Just In Case

Here's a worthy tip. Credit goes to my friend Julie for sharing it with me the day we went to watch a movie and their credit card machine was busted:

Put a small amount of cash in your car's glove box... just in case. Just in case the movie's credit card machine breaks. Just in case you find yourself unexpectedly crossing a toll bridge. Basically, for those times you need cash because for whatever reason, the dream of a cashless society came crashing down on you.

I put $11 in each vehicle. One $5 bill. Five $1 bills. And four quarters. Enough to cover 99% of the situations I find myself in, but not enough to worry about it being stolen (but seriously, don't steal from me, friends).

When I use the cash, I leave myself a note on to refresh it the next time I visit the bank.

There you go. A simple tip to get you out of a plastic pinch.


  1. What a great idea. Thanks!

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