Monday, September 19, 2011

My Sister's 21st Birthday Party

This weekend Jessi and I drove down to California for my sister's, Lisa, 21st birthday party. Yeah, it was a long drive, but it was worth it. We left Thursday afternoon, arrived Friday morning, and return Sunday afternoon/evening. We really enjoyed seeing everyone and just "getting away" for a bit. Here's some pictures of the weekend:

Friday afternoon, Jessi got to ride on a motorcycle for the first time. She said she really liked taking the turns. It'll probably be a while (if ever) before we think about getting a motorcycle... especially while living in rainy Oregon.

Saturday morning drank mimosas with sour dough pancakes. Super fun!

Saturday afternoon my Dad, brother and I did some shopping around town. We made sure to spend some time drooling in the Lego Store.

Lisa made an upside down tired birthday cake. Each tier was a different flavor. It was extremely delicious! Those are M&M's on the outside of the cake. Lisa has some true baking skills.

The party was at Nono's Pizza in Los Gatos. Basically, it's some of the best pizza in the world (yeah, I just said that). The atmosphere was awesome, the weather was perfect, seeing family was a blast.

Sunday morning before we left, Jessi made sure I got a photo of Vinnie standing with a wooden wiener dog made by my dad when he was a kid. Not shown in this photo is Boots, Lisa's cat. Boot's probably had the worst weekend of everyone. She was NOT a fan of an energetic puppy sniffing everything. She spent the weekend standing rigid in a corner glaring at Vinnie. Any time he got close to her, she would start making this intimidating growling/howling noise.

And finally, driving back home. It was warm during parts of the ride, but Vinnie was a trooper. Of course, he did have the whole back to himself with blanks and pillows. What a spoiled little doggie.

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