Monday, April 18, 2011

Mysore Palace in India

I'm currently sitting in India while I write this - it's pretty exciting and I have many stories to share. At the very least, I would say that this has been an eye-opening experience. India is truly a different country than the US. Duh, I know. But it's even more different than I ever imagined. For a while I kept drawing parallels to my experience in Mexico, but it's even great than that! I will share much more later here, and feel free to call me to hear even more (when I get back).

In the mean time, here's one picture from Mysore Palace. We were able to take a tour of this place, and it was amazing. It's 2.5 hours Southwest of Bangalore, and totally worth the drive. We also visited a 1700 year old temple, which was quite an experience. Talking about faith to people in India is also completely different (because they believe in multiple gods). It didn't fully understand what that meant until we visited that temple.

Lastly, I've also learned all the rules to cricket. It's fun to watch once you understand what's going on.


  1. Josh Wray1:45 AM

    Hi James! I just saw your better half last night at the CA Fundraising Dinner, but we missed not seeing you there, too! I introduced Jessi to my girlfriend Bethany, and we hope to be able to visit you sometime, since she still works for CA, and sometimes goes down to OSU for meetings and to visit friends, etc. Your trip sounds awesome, and I hope that sometime you're able to take Jessi with you on your business trips! See you later, God Bless.

  2. Ah yes, Jessi was telling me she had a lot of fun there. We should definitely get together - I would love to meet Bethany. On my next trip, wherever that is, we're going to try to set it up so she can come along.

  3. Archi Mehra1:20 AM

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