Friday, April 01, 2011

Mustache March Finished

Mustache March came and went without a hitch. I managed to grow a pretty amazing stache, if I do say so myself.

I actually know of at least one person who loved it: I was in Boise earlier this week for work. The night I got in I met up with a friend from college and we went to watch a couple bands play downtown. While there many people had fake mustaches on. There was even one girl who had a pretty gnarly one. One of them saw mine and exclaimed, "Now that's a stache! Right on man!" I almost offered to sign his shirt or something, but I didn't have a pen on me...

I'm also proud to announce I had three people join me while down in Mexico two weeks ago. I was very impressed with each of their showings. Each us rocked our own version of the Fu Manchu to much of the delight of each student. I'm pretty sure next year's trip will also feature some crazy facial hair too.

Jessi will surly be ready for it to go, but not without one final close up:

Thanks to everyone who supported and participated in the madness of Mustache March!

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