Friday, August 06, 2010

A Crazy July

July was crazy! I don't know what happened. Starting the summer it didn't seem like we would be that busy, but somehow we kept adding things. While talking with Jessi we determined that we didn't work hard this month, but instead played hard.

What We've Been Up To

I already share about our trip to Little Crater Lake and my epic trip to Germany. We also attended the All-Church-Camp-Out at South Beach near Newport, Oregon. It was fun getting to hang out with people from church. Then another weekend my best friend and his fiancĂ© came to Oregon for a wedding and we got to hang out. We again went to Newport and enjoyed the coast. Here's a video of us checking out the ocean.

Jessi and I also taught classes for a summer school program in Corvallis. Jessi taught art and drama. I taught computer classes. Teaching little kids is pretty fun. I showed them how to use PowerPoint (they really like clip art!), Excel, Paint, and Google Earth. At this stage, they're more into graphics than numbers and it was fun showing them how each program allows them to make cool pictures (yes, even Excel).

As an exciting end to the month Jessi and I got to use a stump grinder to get rid of a stump in our yard. That was a fun toy! By the time I finished I was all sweaty and dusty. Here's a video of us setting up.

Something To Think About

I read an interesting article this month about "The 5 Second Rule". The part that I thought was so interesting about the article was that the amount of time food is on the ground it's that important, but instead where you drop your food. Contrary to what I thought, the kitchen is perhaps one of the most dangerous places to pick-up and eat food off the floor. This is because of raw food that could potentially be on the floor for earlier cooking activities. That food, as compared to outside germs, can cause much more serious illnesses. Also, food that falls on the bathroom floor should also have a "Zero Second Rule" because of potential hazardous germs.

Video Fun

One of my favorite video blogs is called "How It Should Have Ended". They take films and take a crack at fixing the ending. Often the result is something hilarious and awesome. Here's an older video, but I recently discovered it. This is how Terminator should have ended:

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