Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Property

Jessi and I are officially investment property owners! We purchased a duplex in Albany Oregon and it is sweet. We will be living in one side with the other side rented out. This is fantastic! We're excited on so many different levels. We're excited to start making improvements on the property. We're excited to actually have a front and back yard. We're excited to be one step closer to getting out of the rat race.

We've been kind of hush about it because the process is so uncertain. With the credit crunch, everything has become so stringent that seemingly little things have been killing deals. This one was particularly interesting because we kept finding little surprises at every turn. Thankfully, the people selling the property were remarkable because they were very professional dealing with issues as they occurred. With everyone's perseverance this deal came together perfectly in the end.

Now the real fun begins. Our first step is to paint the inside of our unit and start moving in. Then we'll begin working on some preventative maintenance to make sure it gets through the winter just fine.

So, this is the first of what I'm sure will be many posts. We just wanted to share that we've got our first property and it is awesome!

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