Monday, October 26, 2009

Leadership Definition

This last Saturday Jessi and I went to a Univera regional event. It's a ton of fun because we get to see many friends from across the country. It's also educational with great speakers all day. I thought I'd share one of the things I learned today: The definition of a leader (at least according to Univera, though I'll try to generalize)

Clearly Established Priorities & Values
First and foremost it's important for a leader to have balance in their life. Some areas to consider are spiritual, family (spouse, children), business, recreation, fitness & friends. If their life is in balance, they will find consistent success and not burn out.

Desire to be Free Financially
A leader has goals, both short-term and long-term. More importantly, they're willing to sacrifice to achieve those goals (yes, be willing to sacrifice TV). It's actually this desire, not just financial freedom, that drives people to be and do their best. Without desire you get one of two possibilities: 1) They give up when times get tough or 2) There's a flurry of activity with little actually being accomplished.

Coachable & Teachable
A leader will use a system that works, and improve the system when it doesn't work. They will study and strive to be the best they can be. Part of that involves reading daily and attending training courses.

Is a Team Player
A leader is willing to do the work themselves to become great (sometimes called "Leading from the front). Others are inspired others because of their leader's work ethic and compassion. Obviously, leaders work well with people. They are positive, energetic, empowering and engaged.

Invests in the Business
I'm talking both time and money here. A leader invests in people and themselves to help achieve their goals. With Univera, this involves buying products and going to team events. Maybe it requires buying a piece of equipment for a different business.

Has the Magic!
People are attracted to leaders - they are inspired and believe the vision set by the leader. Leaders are fun to be with. They laugh a lot and are always smiling. They also submit their ego, utilize personal power & credibility, are mentally tough and have a huge heart for people.

Draws out the Key Leaders In Their Group Everyday
A great leader figures out who else is a leader within their organization and helps them become even better.

Well, those are some thoughts on leadership I took away from this weekend. I know it's much more complicated, and in some ways simpler, but I thought this was a good way to think about leadership. Enjoy.

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