Wednesday, May 23, 2007

IX Web Hosting

For those of you looking for a place to hold your web presence, I've got a great suggestion for you. I have found a company called IX Web Hosting. I base my endorsement on three criteria:

1) Price: They are one of the most affordable business around. At their prices ANYONE can start up their own website.

2) Features: Their service includes all the features you could want. They support all the different web languages, have all the databases you could ever want to use and many more tools. I'm not sure about their tracking tools because I use Google Analytics.

3) Speed: Though I would say content in the number 1 criteria for a good website, speed of downloading the site is at least top 3. IX's location of their servers allows users to download your site information at great speeds.

Based on my experience with Yahoo! and Go Daddy, IX is a much better product for web developers.

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