Saturday, May 05, 2007 - Worth Checking Out

Have you heard of It is worth checking out. Basically, it's a news aggregation website. Here's how it works: people surf the web and find interesting news articles. Then, they submit the URL along with a short description to Digg. Then users can view the site. They can also add comments about the article. Finally, users can "digg" (this cool, as in, "I dig it") the article or bury (This is lame) it. If the article gets Dugg enough, it will make it to the front page as something popular.

Why is it Digg instead of Dig? Well, according to an interview with the founders it's simply because was already taken. Personally, I think they lucked out by spelling it weird because in some ways it makes it easier to remember.

Here's how I use it: I have Google Desktop with the Google Sidebar. One of my gadgets is a website feeder (RSS basically) with Digg on the list. As articles make it to the front page (again, only the popular ones), they pop up on my sidebar. I can then pick and choose what I want to read. I have actually found that these articles make it to my sidebar faster than if I only go with regular news sources because of the speed at which people see and vote on these. It also naturally screens out items that are unimportant or poorly done.

So, give Digg a big thumbs up. You should check it out and then we can become friends and share articles we find.

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