Sunday, March 04, 2007

Adobe to put Photoshop online

I saw this article the other day:

In the wake of Google announcing they will be selling their application software to corporations, Adobe has come out with some of their own big news. According to the article, Adobe is developing a software program to be used over the web that will act very similar to their current Photoshop program. Users will be able to access and use this program for free.

To me, this is a very interesting bit of news. Does Adobe think that's where software is headed? Is this the way software is headed? If I remember correctly, Microsoft is also going to be coming out with a web app that interfaces very nicely with their current Office software too.

It sure would seem that software is headed in that direction. It makes sense on a bunch of levels for the company. No packaging costs, no shipping costs, no distribution hassles, no sharing revenue with retailers and they can easily update and fix the software. Those are all extremely nice cost savings, which if passed on to the consumers make the products just that much more attractable.

Personally, I'd like to see programs head in that direction. Then I could have multiple computers and not have to worry about my information being where I need it. Plus it would mean I always have the latest and greatest solution at a reasonable cost. Very cool. Anyways, interesting food for thought.

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