Monday, October 16, 2006

Mom and Grandma Visit

October 2006

My mom and grandma came to visit me this weekend. It was a blast! I played in a concert Friday night (I play saxophone) and they got to hear our music. The band played excellently and it really came off well. I'm glad they got to see it. Then we went to a football game on Saturday. My team didn't do so well, but it was fun getting to visit with them. My mom really gets into the game and shouts and makes all sorts of hoopla. It's great! We finished the night with a trip to the movie theater. It's a very interesting set up where you go in and order food. Then, during the movie they deliver it to you. The best part is that even though people are in there eating food you can't really hear it (that's my favorite part). We watched the movie "Invincible" and it is a good one. I highly recommend seeing it.

On Sunday we went to church, ate a nice brunch and relaxed. Did you know that turtles are really expensive? We were looking into them (as a pet) and decided they're just out of your price range. The nice part is that they live for about 75 years - talk about a lifetime friend! Well, that was my weekend, and now it's back to homework...

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