Monday, July 01, 2024

Our Epic Chore Chart

Jessi and I realized a little while back that our kids could contribute more around the house. So, we brainstormed a list, shared it with the kids, asked if we missed anything, and then divided up the chores.

To our surprise, the kids volunteered for many of the tasks! It was great!

For the ones that nobody wanted to do (like picking up dog poop), we agreed to a rotation.

And then Jessi got super creative and made an epic chore chart:

Why write names when you can custom-make little magnets with our faces?

And off to the side are the extra magnets and a reference list of who does what:

It turns out that our kids enjoy checking off a list as much as we do, so it's been incredibly effective. Sometimes, they'll ask us if they can watch a show, and we'll say yes... after they complete their items (and homework).

And, if I'm honest, it works well to remind me of things I need to do (like pull weeds). When I do everything for the day, I feel a sense of calm because I know I'm caught up. It made something that feels never-ending, finite.

I have a hunch we'll still use this tool years after the kids leave the house.


  1. Anonymous12:42 PM

    We used to do chores list, though not so detailed. But some fun ones to consider, food night, so you get to pick the meal, plan the menu, budget, guest night etc.. so much fun!

  2. Anonymous12:43 PM

    I could use a weed puller at my house.

  3. Greg Thursday2:33 PM

    Only a data analyst would make a spreadsheet for their kids.