Monday, October 08, 2018

October: A Month of Ties


In my closet hangs a bunch of ties. Ties I never seem to have an occasion to wear. So, in an effort actually use something I own, and perhaps expand my wardrobe options, I created my own occasion: October.

For the month of October I'm wearing a tie each day. I'll wear each tie at least once and cull down the total number of ties to ones I'm excited about. That snowman tie will survive the culling since my kids LOVE watching it light up. I have another one coming up that also plays music. I'll have to pick a day when I'm not actually meeting with anyone. :)

So, one week down and it's going great. I'm getting more comfortable wearing a tie in regular situations, and want to keep that going after October. I also have a few more fun ties I'm excited to dust off... and some other ones...


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