Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Phone Setting Idea: TimeTravel For The Clock Display

I was thinking about time this morning. Or more specifically, telling time.

In an effort to be on time, Jessi & I tend to set out clocks a little ahead of time. For example:
  • My alarm clock is set 1 minute fast.
  • The bathroom clock is 4 minutes fast.
  • The car is 3 minutes fast.
Of course, the problem is that I know how fast each are, so I tend to do the math when looking at the time.

Then there's my phone. It always tells the "right" time because I have the clock set automatically in settings. It's convenient when traveling and when we spring forward and fall back.

My Brilliant Idea

So, what if there was a phone setting... let's call it TimeTravel, that let's me set an interval of how fast head my phone clock display is. For example, I could set it 0-2 minutes fast. And throughout the say, the time displayed on my phone would sometimes be exactly right. Sometimes it would be 30 seconds fast. Sometimes it would be 95 seconds fast.

It would help insure that I'm always just a little early, but not consistent enough for me to always subtract 2 minutes.

Ideally I could link this setting to my watch and computer, but that's not a requirement. Also, I think it's be important to have access to the "real" current time in the clock app.

That's my idea. Since it's a system setting, I don't think I can create "an app for that", but it's something I'd find useful. Plus, I like the idea of time travel.

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