Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Fresh Coat of Paint On Our Old Albany House

Since we moved to Corvallis, I've been working diligently to get our old place ready to rent. I hired a couple guys from All-Star Labor and it was great. We made a couple small repairs, replaced all the windows, and repainted both the inside and outside. The results look great and I wanted to share.

Plus, it's already filled! Our residents were so excited they started moving in before all the paint dried. I'm really excited for them too. They're going to love the neighborhood, the garden, and the extra storage space compared to where they lived.

Thanks to everyone who provided encouragement, know-how, and child care.


Notice all the panelling and wallpaper...


Tada! Nice white textured walls with stained wood trim. We also kept all the doors their original colors and the hand-crafted (locally spun?) curtains. It keeps the character of the house and provides a little splash of color.

According to my bother I'm not officially moved until the internet moves. You can see it on the floor below. So according to him, I moved today, not two weeks ago.

Next up are a couple minor repairs at the other properties (weekend project types of things). But first I'll take a short break to catch up on email/mail/address changes, play with Elinor and to go to a friend's wedding.

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