Monday, February 17, 2014

Setting Intentional Goals to Reach Big Results

Here's quick update just to share that we paid off another student loan this month! Only 2 more to go! Yes, that's even after taking a vacation to Florida.

Since we're still living off the high of that trip, we decided to skip the fun month and go straight to the next loan. I'm definitely starting to smell the barn too. :)

The next loan is just over $10,000. Assuming we don't get anything back for a tax return it'll take us until July to pay off that loan. Last year's tax return was large enough to fund our down payment on our house (Tax benefits are one of the many perks of a side business), so I'm fairly certain we'll get something back which will bump up our payoff date by a month or two.

Then we'll just have the big one left, which is currently $26,500. That'll take us a full year to pay off if nothing changes. Of course, something always changes...

We set out to pay off all our loans in 5 years... and now we'll finish in 3.5 years. That's what happens when you become INTENTIONAL about something. You put in a LOT of FOCUSED work, but the results are FASTER, BIGGER and BETTER than you ever imagined. That's the Slight Edge principle.

If you have something you want to accomplish. Write it down as a goal, along with a plan on how to accomplish it. By becoming intentional about it, you'll make progress and the results will be better than you imagined. It might not feel like much at first, but it'll add up over time.

When we started, we could only afford $202 extra each month. 5 months later, we "found" an extra $85 to pile on. Then another $63, $3, $15, and $185. Then we drastically changed our living situation and added $477 to the pile! None of those sound huge, but they add up to $1,030 a month. We couldn't jump straight to that amount. When we got a pay raise at wok or earned money from a side gig, it went on the pile. When we saved on electricity by turning down the heat & wearing sweatshirts, it went on the pile. We did it by taking little steps and making little intentional decisions every month. You can do the same thing with your goal.

Again, I encourage you to write down your goal and start down the path of accomplishing it. Start with what you can reasonably give. Then watch over time as you find ways to do even more than you thought possible.


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