Friday, August 02, 2013

I Think It's Time For a New Pair of Shoes

There are certain things in life I destroy. What can I say? It's usually a combination of buying the wrong (read: cheap) tool for the job, and then using it to it's fullest.

Almost 1 year ago I bought these shoes. It was a last minute purchase because I forgot my normal pair at home. When I finally got back, these shoes became my "work shoes". I did construction, mowed lawns, painted, and climbed around on roofs with them.

Clearly these $30 shoes from Walmart were not made for that level of abuse.

So, I think I'm ready to replace them. Normally I would demote my current "everyday shoes" to work shoes and get new "everyday shoes"... Which double as  running shoes - their intended purpose.

But now that I'm mowing lawns a lot, and it tends to be wet where I live, I'm second guessing that decision. Does anyone have advice when it comes to buying work shoes?

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