Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Celebrating Graduations

Mom's Graduation

On Memorial weekend Jessi and I headed down to the Bay Area to watch a couple graduations. It was great to get away and enjoy the sun for a little bit. The first one was my Mom's graduation. She majored in Business Management at San Jose State University. The above photos are everyone celebrating afterwards. I especially like this picture:

Lisa's Graduation

We also watched my sister, Lisa, graduate. It was a LARGE event. Check out the panorama of all the people. We counted the graduate chairs, there were 3,000 seats. There must have been 15,000 - 20,000 people in this stadium. Lisa majored in Hospitality and Tourism Management at San Francisco State University.

Lisa did a good job of letting us know where she was, so we actually got to watch her walk in and walk across the stage. We also took a family photo which I really like:

To celebrate both their graduations we headed to Santa Cruz for some camping. Jessi & I got to spend the first night there. We ate well and walked a ton!

One of the more fun sites is the SS Palo Alto ship made out of cement. It was originally intended as an oil tanker in WW I, but never got used. So, it was brought over here as an amusement attraction, but that company went bankrupt within 2 years. It then became a fishing boat because it acted as a reef that attracts tons of fish. I used to play on this all the time as a kid. As you can see from the picture, it's deteriorated quite a bit, but the fishing off the pier is still pretty good.

Congrats to Mom and Lisa!

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