Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm Thankful For...

Well. I'm sitting here as a gimp, not able to use my right hand, because of an accident while re-finishing some cabinets. More on that later (with pictures & video). For today, I wanted to share what we're thankful for.

  • First, I'm thankful for my iPhone. I can do all sorts of things on it one handed, including type a blog post.
  • My job. I love being able to work from home and complete projects at my own pace.
  • My family. Jessi has been a particularly big blessing in my gimp-like state. And she's willing to do construction projects and discuss business ideas. Vinnie is wonderful too. I'm so thankful that he loves to cuddle.

  • A warm, dry place to sleep in. Her eyes were recently opened to how hard it can be to live homeless. With our recent rain storm she kept thinking about how thankful she is to have a dry place to sleep in.
  • Family. Me, because I show her how to be positive and am constantly looking for ways to improve. Vinnie, because he makes her laugh and shows her how to enjoy life & not stress out.
  • Capable of being able to work. Seeing my frustration of not being able do much of anything and knowing there are some people who are physically incapacitated their whole lives. Jessi is so thankful to be able to do anything, physically, she wants.
  • Thankful for our duplexes. It's an opportunity to serve others & earn some extra income.

  • For parents who love him. We know this because he waggles his tail whenever he sees us.
  • Heaters. When I push the heater buttons he comes running.
  • Dog treats & peanut butter. We can get him to do all sorts of tricks if food is the reward.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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