Monday, August 27, 2012

Fence Project

With summer coming to a close we're finishing up a bunch of projects. One big project this summer was a building a fence. We installed 250 feet of wood. It was a couple tons of material! Since we finished, I wanted to share some pictures of the work.

This is the wood for the posts and framing.

The concrete for the holes. The pile of wood in the back are the slats.

A cool tool we rented to drill the holes. We drilled 31 holes total!

Here's what the whole drill/auger looked like.

And our 2 foot deep hole. Exciting. :)

Here's what the fence looked liked before we poured the concrete.

We wanted to make sure we marked the occasion.

The back part of the fence is complete. We still need to do the middle at this point.

One of 2 gates. This one is between the yards. It's wide enough to fit a riding mower through if we so desire one day.

Our side of the fence with the middle complete.

We also put bark all around the parameter to give it a more completed feel.

We also barked the front yard. Once the grass grows back in it'll look snazzy!

So that was our big summer project! It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. Our tenants love it and Vinnie thinks it's OK.

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