Monday, July 09, 2012

Dry Wall Repair

Jessi & I recently completed a couple fixes on our duplex. I wanted to share one of them. But first, what do you think of my drawing? Not bad, right? ha ha. It's using Paper for the iPad (iTunes link).

We discovered that our tenants accidentally pulled a little too far into the garage one day. Oops.

So we took the drywall off to fix it, and make sure the studs were still in place.

They weren't. Thankfully they weren't out of place by much. So we went to the other side of the wall, removed some trim and literally banged them back into place with a hammer.

Then we put braces on the studs to make sure they don't move again on their own.

After watching numerous Youtube videos I learned how to drywall. Thankfully it's not too complicated. We bought the materials and I got to work. Here's what the patch looked liked. I'll admit that it took a couple tries to get the drywall to fit perfectly, but it was less than an hour total. I'd detail how to do this, but there are literally THOUSANDS of videos on Youtube that do a great job explaining the art of drywalling.

Here it is with some primer. The goal is to make it so you can't see any seams. What do you think? Can you tell where I did it? There is a slight horizontal bump which only I will always notice, but I'm pretty happy with the end result.

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